Bitte versteht mich als Angriff auf eure Person.


Before I moved into my new flat the kitchen didn’t look as nice as it looks now. This is what happened:

I promised my landlady that I won’t damage the tiles in the kitchen. Those things are 100 years old and she wants them as they are. Well, they sure look like they’re 100 years old and they sure don’t look a bit beautiful let alone hygienic. Then my father came up with the idea to glue PVC floor coating on the tiles. We used glue that’s absolutely removable and does no harm to the tiles. Problem solved. And it looks beautiful.



Aside from fixing those tiles, we’ve moved the furniture around. I’m going to paint those cupboards white some time in the future. I got them from the couple that lived in this flat before I moved in.

20. January 2013