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Tomb Raider Review by Rock, Paper, Shotgun

John Walker:

With the game making every decision for you – and I feel the need to stress this again – even deciding when you run, walk or crawl, some will argue it all allows this rollercoaster ride to be as smooth as possible. It all allows you to be swept along by the experience, to be wowed by the epic scenery and breathtaking destruction. But me – I want to play.

When it let me, I had a really good time. When it didn’t, well, I sat back in my chair and wondered what I was doing here.

Gaming wednesday on This is exactly what I figured the new Tomb Raider is going to be, and obviously I was right. I wished for something like Hitman Absolution. Just give me some cutscenes between large levels but stop harassing me while I try playing your game.

6. March 2013