Bitte versteht mich als Angriff auf eure Person.

Designing in the open


When we get more confident a new phase opens up. We believe more in our process and we know that things are never perfect. So we start showing work earlier and start talking about our rationale at a given step. We’re excited for feedback on a clumsy design because we know feedback will steer us to a better one. We might even be unafraid to open our tools and do some real work in real time in front of people. This is designing in the open.

This is such an important phase. The best work I’ve done so far has been with people like Martin standing besides me. Talking about what you’re doing is such a relief. Suddenly a lot of things are so much clearer then before and the small problem that you would have thought about for hours is gone.

You don’t need to be afraid to show unfinished works to people. As long as they are at least a bit open minded, they will get what you’re going for and will provide you with valuable feedback. Go out there and look for your own Martin. ( :doh )

22. April 2013