Bitte versteht mich als Angriff auf eure Person.

Sketch is 50% off until tomorrow

So to summarize; if you’ve been using Fireworks, and for a chance you want to use an app that’s in active development, by a team that’s fully committed to the app, give Sketch a try.

A 15-day free trial is available on our website or buy it on the Mac App Store. And to give everybody an extra reason to try Sketch now; we’re running a sale for just one day; 50% off at $24! (This sale ends at 11PM GMT on May 8th)

Sketch is no Photoshop but it’s amazing and for only 24 hours pretty cheap. Take a look at it and invest a bit of money to support the development of something that is going to be a big thing.

7. May 2013