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The future of iOS design?

Tim Green:

To me, there is a distinct movement towards a particular style and I would be very surprised if Apple were ignorant of it. It’s not ‘flat design’ per se and it’s certainly nowhere near the ‘Metro’ levels that people are suggesting they may follow, but it’s a mellowing out of the visual indicators that people need to trigger the idea of a tappable element. Why? Because this is not 2007 anymore, and we are all now fully aware of the medium and the process; we don’t need to be led garishly by the hand. There is still a sense of depth and tactility but done in a refined and suggestive way, sensitive to the changed perceptions that people have of interacting with touchscreens.

The first post on “Apple goes flat” I’ve read that’s not just saying “it may be flat”. Tim also points out that “flat” does not equal “flat”. There are subtle varieties and it sure won’t look the way most of Dribbble thinks it will.

Flat ≠ no gradients, no effects, no everything.

10. May 2013