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iOS 7

What was the price of that Nexus 4 thingy again?

It’s not even about how it looks. Well, the new icon for Safari is a bit ugly funny and what’s going on with those cogs in! No, it’s not only about visual things.

Remember “Slide to unlock” on our iOS 6 lock screens, written in a highly visible dark area with an arrow pointing in the direction you’re supposed to swipe? Gone. Instead there is a arrow pointing bottom to top that indicates how to open Command Center. Because that is exactly what I need to do all the time. That’s not bad enough to write a post about it, I hear you mumbling? No problem, Apple has got you covered! There is another arrow! Pointing from top to bottom it indicates how to open the Notification Center. Two arrows pointing in different directions, non of them indicates how to unlock your stupid phone.

“But… but everybody knows how to do that and the text has a shiny animation on it!” Sure. Let’s look at somebody who switched from Windows Phone to iOS 7. Windows Phone is unlocked by swiping from bottom to top and iOS 7 shows an arrow that tells you exactly that.

(4MB .gif images, FTW.)

Do you want more? Sure! Remember blurred backgrounds? The stuff the design community got rid of about half a year ago? Apple celebrates its renaissance. Everywhere. One of the best things of is that you can swipe up to see more messages and your keyboard hides itself to give you as much screen real estate as it possibly can. In iOS 7? LOOK GUYS IT’S TRANSLUCENT AND YOU CAN SEE BLURRY MESSAGES GOING UNDER IT WHEN YOU’RE SCROLLING ISN’T THAT AMAZING?

Control Center in general. Did anybody consider to… reduce the number of buttons on that thing? That’s just ridiculous.

I don’t know. All those smart people on Twitter are saying that you have to hold it in your hand to critizise it and you have to use it for a few months and it’s just a beta and hold your feet still or switch to a different operating system. But I don’t want to. There are some things obviously wrong with what Apple presented yesterday and that’s a first for me. Sure, maybe they’ll fix the few things I just pointed out but that doesn’t mean I can’t write a hurried post about it.

I’m not impressed.

11. June 2013