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Facebook Home in in 20 minutes: Designing and prototyping UI in After Effects

Morten Just:

It should just, boom, rotate, and make a swooosh-like turn at 90 degrees and then bam, bounce a like jelly in outer space, but more whop-whop-bang in a microwave. Right?

Blank stares. One guy nodding. At his phone. Still, it was the best explanation I could do in 20 seconds. In fact, it was the best I could do without spending hours hacking Javascript. For something we might decide to abandon the instant we see it.

I welcome Morten’s post very much. I used After Effects quite often in the last weeks to show how I imagined animations. Some parts of Morten’s videos are especially interesting, for example: I didn’t know you can build bounce effects through Java Script directly in After Effects. That’ll save me a lot of time.

5. August 2013