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We didn’t really know what to expect. There wasn’t an agenda. Just an hour blocked in a calendar for a chat. Ev had hinted that we would talk about what he may be working on next. It was intimidating to meet the guy who is partly responsible for blogging (Blogger) and of course, Twitter.

A beautiful and detailed article on how Medium came to existence. Worth a read.

5. April 2013

April Fools: Google Chrome’s Broken Image Icon Heals Broken Hearts

Google didn’t stop at just making a more humane broken image icon, it’s making sure that the icon is targeted, personalized, and highly localized as shown in the variations below.

As goofy as it sounds, I think there is a lot of stuff inside this article that actually would be a good idea. If anything it shows again that you can revolutionize everything as long as you invest some time in thinking about it. In this case it’s just a joke, but hey: It sure would be a great “missing picture” icon!

2. April 2013

How to do anything

Justin Kan:

I’ve found that when faced with a set of seemingly insurmountable challenges, the first step towards making it easier is to break things down into as large a set of small individual tasks as possible.

Just in case you didn’t know about the :f1 magical :f2 powers of those little things called “lists”. They’re amazing.

29. March 2013

Was für ein unglaublich schönes Spiel. Ich bin absolut beeindruckt.

27. March 2013

Ich spiele Sim City. Abonniert auch unseren Kanal Saving Princesses, künftig wird es öfter Videos geben! Wir freuen uns über Abonnenten und Daumen nach oben. :love

23. March 2013

22. March 2013

Welcome back to my adolescence.

I’m 16 again! Everything began with me buying a XBOX 360 and now it’s just like seven years ago: I’m playing games on a desktop computer.

What happened? That’s easy: I rediscovered my love for gaming through Battlefield 3 on the XBOX. Everything was so shiny and amazing. Weapons and bodies all over the place, Martin, Philipp, Kim, Kevin and me talking while we win and lose against strangers. Basically a lot of fun.

But somehow it wasn’t good enough. Aiming with a controller is a pain and I knew it would be much better if I just could use a mouse for it.

Fast forward.

I have no idea what kind of hardware the cool kids are buying today so I told Leo what I wanted from a gaming-system and he put together the list of things I would need. Here it is:

Kampfschiff 01

Fractal Design Define R4 Black (on Amazon)

Kampfschiff 02

be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 550W (on Amazon)

Kampfschiff 03

Alpenföhn Himalaya (on Amazon)

Kampfschiff 04

Samsung 840 Pro series 2,5″ 128 GB (on Amazon)

Kampfschiff 05

Intel® Core™ i5-3470 (on Amazon)

Kampfschiff 06

G.Skill DIMM 8 GB DDR3-1600 Kit (on Amazon)

Kampfschiff 07

ASUS P8Z77-V LX (on Amazon)

Kampfschiff 08

Microsoft SideWinder X4 Keyboard (on Amazon)

XFX HD7950 Dual Fan Black Edition (on Amazon)

I wanted a system that’s able to play everything that’s on the market and at least most of it in the best quality as possible. This morning I tested Crysis 3 and it looked and felt amazing with all settings as high as possible. Mission accomplished. I’m totally overwhelmed by how good games can look these days. The last “beautiful” game I played on a PC was Half Life 2, some years ago. That should put things in perspective.

Leo chose the graphics card you see above because of my need to use my 27″ Apple Cinema Display. It’s huge, it’s beautiful and I need it for my work anyway. There is no space for another big display on my desk at home and although I know that the ACD is far from perfect for playing games, it’s good enough for now.

Also I’m looking forward to producing more videos for Saving Princesses, which is a bit tricky with just a 128GB SSD, but I’m planning on buying a huge HDD soon.

Boom. Headshot.

20. March 2013

Interview With Dave Rupert

Most of going to college isn’t about the degree. It’s a lot about how to make relationships and teaching yourself to learn. You can learn those outside of college, but higher education creates fertile ground for those kinds of skills.

Dave Rupert in an interview on Martin Wolf’s The Amazing Web.

19. March 2013

Gradient maps

For those unfamiliar with Photoshop’s gradient map adjustment layers, here’s how they work: Imagine a photo in greyscale. Being greyscale, it can only contain black pixels, white pixels, or pixels that are shades of grey. Now imagine that instead of being shades of grey from black to white, the lightest parts of the image are yellow, and the darkest parts are red, with a smooth blend of oranges in between. That’s a gradient map.

I used Photoshop everyday for seven years now and never bothered thinking about what “Gradient Maps” actually are. This article opened my eyes and there is a high possibility that I’m using them a lot in the future.

18. March 2013

Interfaces are Stories

Patrick Rogan:

I want to be at the edge of my seat. I want your plot twists to make me have to catch my breath. I want structure, originality, and I want purpose. I want to see color spectrums that I never knew existed. I don’t need happy endings, and maybe I don’t even need endings. I want to hear the beauty in the stories that my community is perpetuating. I want more once upon a times.

Patrick Rogan on interface design and how we shouldn’t try to catch up, but rather try to do something better, something new and something unexpected. It’s not exactly what he’s talking about but once again I got reminded of this beautiful and mind opening article by Paddy Donelly: Life, Below 600px.

15. March 2013
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