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15. February 2013


14. February 2013

Responsive Typography Demo

Responsive design and typography that doesn’t care how big your browser window is. It just measures how far your face is away from your screen. Cool. (via)

11. February 2013

Instagram introduces feed on the web

Kevin Systrom:

However, to make Instagram even more accessible to our growing community, at the end of last year we started to expand to the desktop web, giving you the ability to see profiles from To continue that path, as of today, you can now browse your Instagram feed on the web – just like you do on your mobile device. Go to and log in to your account to give it a try.


5. February 2013

Take six minutes of your time and watch Disney’s new animated short film called Paperman. You won’t regret it.

31. January 2013

Louie Mantia on App Icons

Louie Mantia:

While there is much to be said about designing apps, it can vary wildly between different products, companies, and people. If there is any constant in the process of designing an app, it’s the app icon. Everyone must have one.

Worth a read.

28. January 2013

Philipp und ich zeigen unsere unglaublich nichtexistenten Künste in Awesomenauts. Ein Spiel, das man sich übrigens mal angesehen haben sollte. Hervorragend. Wir freuen uns über Abonnements, Likes und Kommentare auf YouTube.

22. January 2013


Before I moved into my new flat the kitchen didn’t look as nice as it looks now. This is what happened:

I promised my landlady that I won’t damage the tiles in the kitchen. Those things are 100 years old and she wants them as they are. Well, they sure look like they’re 100 years old and they sure don’t look a bit beautiful let alone hygienic. Then my father came up with the idea to glue PVC floor coating on the tiles. We used glue that’s absolutely removable and does no harm to the tiles. Problem solved. And it looks beautiful.



Aside from fixing those tiles, we’ve moved the furniture around. I’m going to paint those cupboards white some time in the future. I got them from the couple that lived in this flat before I moved in.

20. January 2013

Hitman: Absolution is the first Hitman title I’ve played and I enjoyed it through and through. I didn’t know that I am into stealth games until I felt the satisfaction of killing someone without anybody else noticing. I’m so used to killing everything with noisy machine guns that this kind of game was a appreciated variation. I guess I should take a look at Splinter Cell as well. Sjin is doing a very entertaining play-through, if you’re interested in this kind of thing.

19. January 2013

Philipp und ich spielen Ace Of Spades drüben bei Saving Princesses. Ihr dürft den Channel gerne abonnieren und die Videos liken, wir würden uns freuen. Jetzt haben wir sogar ein vernünftiges Intro und YouTube hat uns erlaubt custom Thumbnails einzustellen. Der Hammer!

Wenn ihr Vorschläge für Spiele habt, die wir spielen sollen, gerne an @UARRR oder @knuspermagier.

18. January 2013
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